3.22.21 - The Love Undone Interview drops TODAY!! Joseph Goncalves and I were fortunate enough to be interviewed by Ryan Forsyth on his Life In Red Podcast. Broadcasting out of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, LIR was named Best of 2020, Top 10 episodes of the year! I hope you enjoy the conversation as much as we did. Find our interview, Life In Red, Episode 102, on all podcasts platforms (lifeinred.com applepodcasts, spotifypodcasts, iheartradio, etc).

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3.31.19 - "Unconditional Love", 

SERIES FINALE!! Episode 309 is out now!!! Please subscribe to the "Unconditional Love" Series page and enjoy. Watch. Subscribe. Share! Thank yo all for your support!!

Season 3 End of Season Trailers

Behind The Scenes photos and a snippet from Episode 303, my Directorial Debut!

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