7.21.20 - I have been cast as Gloria in the film "Disposable: The OLD Veteran's Home by Laura Wetzler. Filming to begin September 2020

3.25.2020 - Due to COVID-19, LOVE UNDONE has gone into hiatus until at least January of 2021. Check out our funraising video and donate to our GoFundMe Campaign to help us up our web series game!! Casting has been completed. We have locked down locations and have started building a crew. I am a Producer, Director and Lead Actor for the upcoming web series. Love Undone centers on the Hill & Bell families and the stormy times coming their way. 

12.29.19 - Over Easy Courthouse Cafe Season 2, Episode 1 has dropped!!! The Christmas episode features the newest cast member, ME, in the role of "Momma"! Click on "Reels" to watch.

11.21.18 - I am happy to announce that I will be playing the role of Caroline in the short film Light by Sheri Lee. Production on hold due to COVID-19.

November & December 2019 - brought more accolades for Unconditional Loves final season! We became a Semi-Finalist at Los Angeles Cinefest and we received The Michael Ajakwe, Jr Achievement Award from the Asia Web Awards!!

3.22.19 - What a great way to start the weekend!! "Unconditional Love" has 60K Channel Views!! Thank you for supporting us.  #BingeUL

8.17.19 - I'm so excited to announce that "Unconditional Love" was honored with 7 nods at the 1st Annual Capital City Web Awards in Washington, DC. We took home awards for Best Lead Actor and Best Director!! 

2.26.18 - I just completed 2 workshops on editing in Adobe Premiere. Trying to learn some things about the other side of the camera.......

7.23.16 - I was awarded The Community Players (Pawtucket, RI) Gregson Award for my potrayal of Mrs Muller in "Doubt, A Parable"!! 

2.12.19 - "Unconditional Love" has officially received Honorable Mention for Best LGBTQ Film for January, from the Oniros Film Festival!!!!! We return from our winter hiatus March 14, 2019

1.2.19 - I'm so excited to announce that "Unconditional Love" has reached 50,000 YouTube Channel Views! We have doubled our viewership since exactly 1 year ago!! Thank you for watching, supporting, sharing and commenting!! Subscribe to the "Unconditional Love" Series page on YouTube and enjoy.

11.4.18 - "Unconditional Love" will officially wrap its last day of shooting. Season 3 is its final season! Watch the trailer here, which includes scenes from my directorial debut!

7.7.16 - I was nominated for a Motif Magazine Theatre Award for Best Supporting Female in a Community Theatre Production for my potrayal

of Mrs Muller in "Doubt, A Parable"!!

7.26.18 - "Unconditional Love" has officially received the Best LGBTQ Flim Award for July, from the Festigious International Film Festival!!!!!  

6.12.18 - "Unconditional Love" has won BIG in Rome!! THREE LGBT Category Wins: Best Screenplay, Best Supporting Actress, Best Trailer; TWO Special Category Wins: Best Kiss and BEST WEB SOAP and ONE Excellence Category Win: Best Season!!!! Thank you ROME WEB AWARDS!!!

3.25.18 - "Unconditional Love" has gone International!! We received 20 award nominations!!!!

February 2018 - ITALY LOVES "Unconditional Love"

11.7.17 - "Unconditional Love" has been selected by the Los Angeles CineFest Film Festival for a second year!!

5.7.17 - Award winning "Unconditional Love" was featured on!!

5.8.17 - "Unconditional Love" won TWO Awards of Merit (Series & Lead Actor) at The IndieFest Film Awards!!!

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