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During daylight hours I am a secretary for the Public Schools of Brookline. After "work", I come alive on stage or in front of the camera! I have been in over 60 theatre productions since 2003, including musical theatre and Shakespeare. Acting kind of took over my life and it was production after production for quite some time (I've done up to 3 productions simutaneously). After building a strong foundation in theatre, including being nominated for a Motif Magazine Theater Award for Best Supporting Female, for my portrayal of Mrs Muller in "Doubt, A Parable" with The Community Players (Pawtucket, RI), I entered the world of Digital Drama. The multi-award winning web series, Unconditional Love, was the first web series in which I had a supporting role and my first non-theatre award nomination! I LOVE playing Juanita Hill and now that she's a lead character in the new spin-off series, Love Undone, I am excited to explore her life beyond her children. In addition to lead actor, I am signed on as both a Director and Producer. 2020 has not only brought a new decades, but also new challenges.


In addition to Love Undone, I joined the cast of Over Easy Courthouse Cafe, a digital comedy series. My character, Momma, joins the show in its second season in a supporting role. Both shows can be found on YouTube. You will now find me primarily acting in more interactive roles. I continue being a Standardized Patient in the local medical school programs, a haunter at Barrett's Haunted Mansion (Dark n Twisty has her own Facebook page) and a performing, improvisational storyteller with Red Sage Stories: Playback Theatre & Art for Social Change. Corporate training videos and commercials round out my acting endeavors.

When not acting, I seek thrills. Whether searching for the highest and fastest rollercoasters or tandem skydiving, speed is everything, except when I'm driving (I'm not suicidal). I've also tried parasailing, flyboarding and Powered Parachuting! On the tamer side, I enjoy deep sea fishing, cooking & baking from scratch (follow @witchypoo26 on The Gram) and watching football. A winter Sunday, an NFL game and something simmering in my crockpot or baking in the oven = heaven. I am anxiously awaiting the next Olympic Games!!

Height: 5' 11"

Weight: 185 lbs

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Hazel


2010 - present
2010 - present


Television & Webseries

"Unconditional Love"                          Juanita Hill                      Joseph Goncalves – JG Productions

    (Award-Winning Web Series)

"Over Easy Courthouse Cafe" (S 2)   Momma                          Andrea M Wolanin – Rokkee Productions, Inc

    (Web Series)

"BEE Bear Book Club" (S 3 & 4)        Host & VO                       Douglas Cowell – Brookline Interactive Group

"An Octomom Conceives"                  Mother                            Regina Elliott-Ramsey – Newton TV

"byChance", Ep 2                               Miss Douglas                  Darrus Sands & Noah Christopher – Beyond Measure Films

     (Web Series)

"Testing: The Series"                          Nurse Medusa                Seth Chitwood - Angelwood Pictures

     (Web Series)



"Mama V"                                            Mama V                              Veronica Wells – MA College of Art

"School Reunion" (BIFF 2016)           Michelle Crawford                Anastasia O'Brien – Scene Around Film Company


"Permanent" (BIFF 2016)                   Dr Genevieve Johnston       John Mosetich – Heartworks Productions

"11:Eleven"                                         Marla & VO                          Million Zenebe – Million Productions

"Standing Up" (BIFF 2013)                 Roberta Davenport              Brian Gravel – DivirgingSoul Productions

"A Rake and A Tool"                           Maggie                                 Roland Khorshidianzadeh - Arkay Productions



"The House of Bernarda Alba"            Maria Josefa                   Carol Schlink - Epic Theatre Comapany


"Milk Like Sugar"                                 Myrna                             Tammy Brown - Epic Theatre Company


"Doubt, A Parable"                              Mrs Muller                       Renee Hanscom/Eric Barbato – Canton Community Theatre/

                                           Nominated for Best Supporting Female, 2016 by Motif Magazine            The Community Players

"Good People"                                     Kate                                Peter McElhinney – Walpole Footlighters

"Avenue Q"                                          Gary Coleman                Lisa Pratt/Scott Saposnik – Cohasset Dramatic Club/

                                                                                                                                                Randolph Theater Company

"Henry IV, Part One"                            Lady Worcester              Robert Colonna – TRIST


"Grease"                                              Miss Lynch                      Andrew Bobola – The Community Players

“As You Like It”                                    Hymen                            Stephanie Crugnola, Walking Shadow Shakespeare Project


"Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In"              Ernestine & Others          Adam Schuler – Theatre To Go


"Twelve Angry Jurors"                         Juror 8                             David Policar – Theatre@First


"It"                                                       Edith (Voice Only)            Borm Bi-Kim – Actors Refuge Rep Theatre


"It Doesn't"                                          David (Voice Only)           Marshall Hughes – Roxbury Community College Mainstage


Amer Inst For Reasearch Diversity    Leona (VO)                        Sheree Galpert – Media Electric, Inc

HR Hiring Video for GPMI                  Interviewer                         David Doob – BOSE Corporation

IBIS Online Traiing                             Janice (VO)                       Global Note Studios – David Amaral

BMC Empathy Video                          Patient & VO                     Erlyn Ordinario – BMC Digital Media

Joslin Diabetes Center                       Diabetic                             Doug Feinburg – Thunder Sky Pictures, Inc


Fidelity Investments                           Susan (VO)                        Amy Nauss – Fidelity Investments


Media Electric, Inc                              Valerie  & VO                    Jim Griebsch – Illumina Interactive, Inc



Available Upon Request


Classes & Workshops

Voice Over Intensive Series                                                                               Dorothy Gallagher – C P Casting

Voice Over Techniques                                                                                      Sonny Dufault – Boston Casting, Inc

Playback Theatre                                                                                               Melissa Nussbaum - Red Sage Stories

Scene Study                                                                                                       Bates Wilder – C P Casting


On-Camera Auditioning                                                                                     Carolyn Pickman – C P Casting


Commercials: On-Camera Acting                                                                       Ann Baker – Boston Casting, Inc


Improvisation Level I                                                                                          Norm Laviolette – Improv Asylum


Functional Voice Training                                                                                   Tim Lukas – Blink Music, Inc


Meisner Levels I & II                                                                                           Scott Fielding – Michael Chekhov Studio


Acting With Archetypes, Character Blueprinting & Chekhov Techniques          Josh Chenard – C P Casting


Acting For The Camera                                                                                      Michael Fennimore – Boston Casting, Inc


Emotional Preparation & Body Truth                                                                  Lyralen Kaye - Another Country Productions


The Physical Actor                                                                                             Tess Degen

NUSTARS TV & Film Program                                                                           Brooke Bundy – NUSTARS

NUSTARS Advanced TV, Commercial, Film & Soap Study                               Brooke Bundy – NUSTARS

Special Skills

Can cry, giggle and coo like an infant; R & B Line Dancer & Instructor; Specialized Patient 2007 - present; Teleprompter; Promotional Spokesmodel; Tandem Skydiving; Singing - Alto/Mezzo Soprano; Proficient at Sign Language; Downhill Skiing; Rollerskating; Ten Pin Bowling; Horseback Riding; TIPS Certified Bartender; Member of Red Sage Stories: Playback Theatre & Art for Social Change; Member of Playwrights' Platform Actor In Residence Program; Member of ImprovBoston's Film Division; Accents: American Southern

TV & Film


Voice Overs


Musical Theatre

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